EPIBuilding a Sustainable Future
What is Plan B

Plan B is a comprehensive plan for reversing the trends that are fast undermining our future. Its four overriding goals are stabilizing climate, stabilizing population, eradicating poverty, and restoring the earth’s damaged ecosystems.

At the heart of the climate-stabilizing initiative is a detailed plan to cut carbon dioxide emissions 80 percent in ten years in order to hold the future temperature rise to a minimum. This initiative has three major components—raising energy efficiency, developing renewable sources of energy, and expanding the earth’s tree cover.

In a Plan B economy, transportation systems are diverse and aim to maximize mobility, widely employing light rail, buses, and bicycles. It comprehensively reuses and recycles materials, and also restores the natural world by planting trees, conserving topsoil, stabilizing water tables, and protecting biological diversity. Population is stabilized by eradicating poverty, educating the world’s youth, and delivering better health for all.

With each new wind farm, rooftop solar water heater, paper recycling facility, bicycle path, marine park, rural school, public health facility, and reforestation program, we move closer to a Plan B economy.

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