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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lester Brown speaking at Beihang University
Presentation at conference on alternative fuels at Beihang University’s Energy and Environment International Center

Even while squirreled away in his office working on three books (!!), Lester Brown is still finding time to weigh in on topics of interest at conferences.

On Thursday, March 1, he spoke at the symposium “Perspectives on Limits to Growth: Challenges to Building a Sustainable Planet.” Held in D.C. and sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution and the Club of Rome, the symposium celebrated the 40th anniversary of the launching of the book Limits to Growth by Donella Meadows, Dennis Meadows, and Jorgen Randers.  The symposium, which was live-streamed, provided perspectives on the challenges to sustainability still facing the planet. Lester’s topic: World on the Edge.

On March 28, he will be speaking at the Affordable World Security Conference, which is being held at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., on March 27 and 28. For those who would like to tune in, this conference will be live-streamed. Lester will be participating in a panel looking at new strategies for moving forward. And if you are in the DC area and would like to attend this conference, it is free and open to the public.

Shortly after posting the blog on his travels to Japan and China, we received some additional photos, which are included along the side of this blog.


Reah Janise Kauffman



Honorary Advisor, Beihang University
Appointment as Honorary Advisor, Energy and Environment International Center, Beihang University

Hosts in Beijing
Hosts in Beijing

Tokyo symposium, February 10, 2012
Speaking at symposium in Tokyo on February 10, 2012


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