EPIBuilding a Sustainable Future
Lester R. Brown, Janet Larsen, and Bernie Fischlowitz-Roberts

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements (pdf)

Preface (pdf)

1. The Economic Costs of Ecological Deficits
    Deserts Invading China (pdf)
    Advancing Deserts Gaining Momentum
    From Ecological Deficits to Dust Bowl
    Spreading Deserts: The Response
    The National Costs of Failure
    The Worldwide Effect of Failure

    Assessing the Food Prospect (pdf)
    Soil: Surplus to Deficit
    The Fast Growing Water Deficit
    The Changing Food Economy
    The Soybean Factor
    Future Food Security     

    Facing the Climate Challenge (pdf)
    The Rising Costs of Climate Change
    Restructuring the Energy Economy
    Building the Wind-Hydrogen Economy
    Fixing the Market

2. Eco-Economy Indicators: Twelve Trends
     to Track (pdf)
    Population Growing by 80 Million Annually
    Economic Growth Losing Momentum
    Grain Harvest Growth Slowing
    Fish Catch Leveling Off
    Forest Cover Shrinking
    Water Scarcity Spreading
    Carbon Emissions Climbing
    Global Temperature Rising
    Ice Melting Everywhere
    Wind Electric Generation Soaring
    Bicylce Production Breaks 100 Million
    Solar Cell Sales Booming



3. Eco-Economy Updates
    Energy and Climate (pdf)
    U.S. Farmers Double Cropping
    Corn and Wind Energy
    The Rise and Fall of the Global Climate Coalition
    Climate Change Has World Skating on Thin Ice
    OPEC Has World Over a Barrel Again
    Wind Power: The Missing Link in the Bush Energy

    Population and Health
    Population Growth Sentencing Millions to
    Hydrological Poverty
    Africa is Dying -- It Needs Help
    HIV Epidemic Restructuring Africa's Population
    Obesity Threatens Health in Exercise-Deprived
    Iran's Birth Rate Plummeting at Record Pace

    Food, Land, and Water
    Paving the Planet: Cars and Crops Competing for
    Dust Bowl Threatening China's Future
    Worsening Water Shortages Threaten China's Food
    World's Rangelands Deteriorating Under Mounting

    Forests, Fisheries, and Disappearing Species
    Fish Farming May Overtake Cattle
    Ranching as a Food Source
    Our Closest Relatives are Disappearing
    Illegal Logging Threatens Ecological and Stability

    Ecological Economics
    Green Power Purchases Growing
    New York: Garbage Capital of the World
    Tax Shifting on the Rise

    Notes (pdf)