EPIBuilding a Sustainable Future
Lester R. Brown

Table of Contents

Foreword (pdf)
Data sets
Acknowledgements (pdf)

1. Pushing Beyond the Earth's Limits (pdf)
    Losing Agricultural Momentum
    Growth: The Environmental Fallout
    Two New Challenges
    The Japan Syndrome
    The China Factor
    The Challenge Ahead
    Data (xls)

2. Stopping at Seven Billion (pdf)
    A New Demographic Era
    Population, Land, and Conflict
    The Demographic Transition
    The Demographic Bonus
    Two Success Stories
    Eradicating Poverty, Stabilizing Population
    Data (xls)

3. Moving Up the Food Chain Efficiently (pdf)
    Up the Food Chain
    Shifting Protein Sources
    Oceans and Rangelands
    The Soybean Factor
    New Protein Models
    Data (xls)

4. Raising the Earth's Productivity (pdf)
    Trends and Contrasts
    Fertilizer and Irrigation
    The Shrinking Backlog of Technology
    Future Options
    Data (xls)

5. Protecting Cropland (pdf)
    Losing Soil and Fertility
    Advancing Deserts
    Losing Cropland to Other Uses
    Conserving Topsoil
    Saving Cropland
    Data (xls)


6. Stabilizing Water Tables (pdf)
    Falling Water Tables
    Rivers Running Dry
    Cities Versus Farmers
    Scarcity Crossing National Boundaries
    Raising Water Productivity
    Data (xls)

7. Stabilizing Climate (pdf)
    Rising Temperatures, Falling Yields
    Temperature Trends and Effects
    Raising Energy Efficiency
    Turning to Renewable Energy Sources
    Data (xls)

8. Reversing China's Harvest Decline (pdf)
    Grainland Shrinking
    An Aquacultural Initiative
    Water Shortages Spreading
    Turning Abroad for Grain
    A New Food Strategy
    Data (xls)

9. The Brazilian Dilemma (pdf)
     World's Leading Source of Soybeans
     Feed Supplier for the World?
     Meat Exports Climbing
     Domestic Demand Growing
     Expansion: The Risks and Costs
     Data (xls)

10. Redefining Security (pdf)
     The Tightening Food Supply
     The Politics of Food Scarcity
     Stabilizing the Resource Base
     A Complex Challenge

Notes (pdf)
Outgrowing the Earth Data