December 17, 2014


The 80th birthday celebration for Lester Brown continues!

So many people. So many stories. Lester has always been acutely tuned to the need to work with the media, because while an author can publish research books, the media is essential in getting the word out. Two media people share today, along with two former colleagues from Worldwatch Institute, which he founded in 1974 and headed for 26 years.

Steve Curwood is Executive Producer and host of Living on Earth. Steve created the first pilot of Living on Earth in the Spring of 1990. He has interviewed Lester a number of times over the years.

Herbert Girardet is an author, film maker and international consultant. His significant connection to Lester is that he was one of the producers of the documentary series based on State of the World 1999.

Marcy Lowe is President of Datu Research, an economic research firm that applies a global lens to regional and local challenges. She worked with Lester at the Worldwatch Institute before returning to school to further her education.

Michael Renner is a Senior Researcher at the Worldwatch Institute, where he worked with Lester. His work focuses on the connections between environment and employment (green jobs/green economy), and between the environment and peace and conflict.


Woo hoo!

Reah Janise Kauffman


P.S. Our thanks to Moser Media for the great video work.