World on the Edge Released 2002
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The Earth Policy Reader

Lester R. Brown, Janet Larsen, and Bernie Fischlowitz-Roberts

In scores of countries, converging ecological deficits are undermining local economies on a scale that has no precedent. In The Reader, the authors examine the economic costs of these ecological deficits.

Table of Contents:

Acknowledgements »(pdf)

Preface » (pdf)

  1. The Economic Costs of Ecological Deficits »
    Introduction »

    Deserts Invading China » (pdf)
    Introduction »
    Advancing Deserts Gaining Momentum »
    From Ecological Deficits to Dust Bowl »
    Spreading Deserts: The Response »
    The National Costs of Failure »
    The Worldwide Effect of Failure »

    Assessing the Food Prospect » (pdf)
    Introduction »
    Soil: Surplus to Deficit »
    The Fast Growing Water Deficit »
    The Changing Food Economy »
    The Soybean Factor »
    Future Food Security »

    Facing the Climate Challenge » (pdf)
    Introduction »
    The Rising Costs of Climate Change »
    Restructuring the Energy Economy »
    Building the Wind-Hydrogen Economy »
    Fixing the Market »
  2. Eco-Economy Indicators: Twelve Trends to Track » (pdf)
    Population Growing by 80 Million Annually »
    Economic Growth Losing Momentum »
    Grain Harvest Growth Slowing »
    Fish Catch Leveling Off »
    Forest Cover Shrinking »
    Water Scarcity Spreading »
    Carbon Emissions Climbing »
    Global Temperature Rising »
    Ice Melting Everywhere »
    Wind Electric Generation Soaring »
    Bicylce Production Breaks 100 Million »
    Solar Cell Sales Booming »
  3. Eco-Economy Updates »
    Energy and Climate » (pdf)
    U.S. Farmers Double Cropping »
    Corn and Wind Energy »
    The Rise and Fall of the Global Climate Coalition »
    Climate Change Has World Skating on Thin Ice »
    OPEC Has World Over a Barrel Again »
    Wind Power: The Missing Link in the Bush Energy Plan »

    Population and Health
    Population Growth Sentencing Millions to Hydrological Poverty »
    Africa is Dying -- It Needs Help »
    HIV Epidemic Restructuring Africa's Population »
    Obesity Threatens Health in Exercise-Deprived Societies »
    Iran's Birth Rate Plummeting at Record Pace »

    Food, Land, and Water
    Paving the Planet: Cars and Crops Competing for Land »
    Dust Bowl Threatening China's Future »
    Worsening Water Shortages Threaten China's Food Security »
    World's Rangelands Deteriorating Under Mounting Pressure »

    Forests, Fisheries, and Disappearing Species
    Fish Farming May Overtake Cattle »
    Ranching as a Food Source »
    Our Closest Relatives are Disappearing »
    Illegal Logging Threatens Ecological and Stability »

    Ecological Economics
    Green Power Purchases Growing »
    New York: Garbage Capital of the World »
    Tax Shifting on the Rise »

Notes » (pdf)