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People in Action: Spreading the Plan B Vision
February 25, 2009

The spirit of change is in the air as President Obama has taken office and is working for solutions to the problems facing America. He has called for mobilization in all communities to help remake the country.

One of the challenges the United States, and indeed the world, is facing right now is how to alleviate the mounting pressures on the environment, including climate change, dependence on oil, and the exploitation of natural resources. As Earth Policy Institute President Lester Brown says, “It depends on you and me, on what you and I do to reverse these trends.”

We have highlighted people who, inspired by Lester Brown and Earth Policy Institute, are taking action to build a better future for generations to come. Visit www.earth-policy.org/Books/Reaching.htm for more examples.

  • Seeing Plan B 3.0 as an inspiring, comprehensive blueprint for saving civilization, Colin Grant and his team at Vancouver, Canada-based software firm Visible Strategies have brought the book to life with their unique, visually-engaging SEE-IT software. Their interactive multimedia presentation allows users to quickly and clearly see the goals and strategies outlined in Plan B 3.0. See http://epi.visiblestrategies.com.
  • TEMA, an NGO (non-governmental organization) in Turkey that focuses on reforestation and soil conservation efforts, has distributed 4,250 copies of the Turkish edition of Plan B 3.0 to members of Parliament, universities, political leaders, volunteers, the media, mayors, libraries, and NGOs. See http://english.tema.org.tr.
  • Al and Anne Mielen established the NGO Save Our Ship Environmental specifically for giving lectures on Plan B 2.0 and now Plan B 3.0. They have also produced a series of books on environmental issues geared for pre-K and K-2nd grade. Eco-Bean and his helper L'il Sprout teach kids the "need for" and the "how to" conserve at school and at home. See www.ecosplace.com. Contact: [email protected].
  • The Center for Ecological Living and Learning (CELL), based in Maine, has developed coursework centered on the Plan B books for use in its college abroad programs. The founders of CELL were so moved by the message from Plan B—that the solutions to our global problems are being implemented today around the world but need to be made systemic—that they incorporated Plan B into their college curriculum. Learn more at www.cellonline.org.
  • Neal Whiting of Alberta Canada has developed “To Save Civilization,” a website that summarizes Plan B 3.0 chapter by chapter. He is currently promoting it by e-mailing a synopsis of the book along with links to his website and to EPI’s website to 1,200 ministers of his church, the United Church of Canada, along with members of Parliament, provincial legislatures, and corporate executives in Canada. Visit www.to-save-civilization.com.
  • Jacqueline McMakin was inspired by the Plan B books to call people into action, and so published a booklet entitled “Our Defining Moment: A Call to Create the Future We Truly Want.” The booklet provides strategies for what individuals can do on the issues of restoring the earth, poverty, peace, and creating awareness. The booklet is available for free downloading at www.theglobalrenaissance.org.
  • Eduard Oliemans along with his design firm Action Radius created Aspen Plan B, a comprehensive strategy to restructure Aspen, Colorado’s downtown area. Aspen Plan B proposes redesigning streets and transit systems in order to help eliminate traffic congestion and improve air quality, and to create a more vibrant downtown landscape designed for people instead of cars.

Are you involved in disseminating the Plan B vision? We’d love to hear from you. Please write us at [email protected] and tell us your story.

Thank you for being involved,
The Earth Policy Institute team